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E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Agency in Nottingham

The Three Pillars of Digital Growth

Treated separately, they’re the core ingredients of digital growth. Put together, they’re an all-powerful strategy that helps you conquer the online space.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Nottingham, our team provides specialist support across all key areas of digital. Our services span:

SEO Services

Apply search engine optimisation (SEO) to get your business in front of searchers interested in what you have to offer.

Web Design

Design a website that attracts online customers, showcases your products and builds credibility in your target market.

E-Commerce Integration

Drive e-commerce sales securely and efficiently by integrating your website with the likes of Magento, V12 and Pursuit.

Ready to grow?

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    What We’ll Deliver

    Online growth that helps you scale

    Great communication & transparent practices

    Specialist support around the clock

    Defined strategies that suit your goals



    Our Process

    We believe fruitful collaborations hinge on clear communication, so our discovery phase is focused entirely around understanding your objectives. We’ll consider your requirements, vision and process from every angle, ensuring our services are led by purpose and direction.

    Once we understand what it is that you’re trying to achieve, it’s time to translate those needs into actionable online goals. We’ll map out a comprehensive strategy that covers the various ways in which we’ll deliver on those objectives, paving the way towards digital success.

    With our master plan firmly set in motion, our experts immediately get to work. We’ll use all of the tools and expertise at our disposal to deliver the project in whichever way you see fit, keeping you updated throughout every stage of the process.

    We’re confident you’ll be thrilled with the project’s outcome – but we like to take things one step further. In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, there are always further opportunities to pursue. That’s why we’ll measure, analyse and optimise our work on an ongoing basis, maximising your return on investment.

    Service Offering

    Our Digital Services


    Local SEO

    Want to get your business noticed in the local marketplace? Local SEO will help you do it. Our SEO experts can support you in areas such as:

    • Google My Business Listings, Audits & Optimisation
    • Local Landing Page Optimisation
    Our digital services icons_SEO Audits

    SEO Audits

    To develop a formula for SEO success, you’ll first need to know where you stand. Our SEO audits offer insight into key obstacles and opportunities, with services including:

    • BackLink AuditBacklink Audits
    • Blog AuditBlog Content Audits

    E-Commerce Website Design

    E-commerce websites are some of the most profitable platforms on the web today, but they also offer complex challenges. We specialise in designing e-commerce websites that are:

    • Amads Icons ALL RGB_Structure & Build efficiency.pngStructured & built with efficiency in mind
    • Amads Icons ALL RGB_Landing Page Optimisation.pngOptimised for user experience & conversion

    Pursuit Integration

    Pursuit’s state-of-the-art software helps jewellery businesses generate and manage sales through a single platform. As an official Pursuit integration partner, we’ll integrate Pursuit with your Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce platform, helping you to:

    • Integration Streamline your sales process & eliminate inefficiency
    • Manage-InventoryEffortlessly manage inventory in both physical & online stores

    V12 Integration

    Our custom-built extension offers flawless integration between your Magento platform and the V12 Retail Finance extension. Using our plugin, you’ll be able to:

    • Increase-Sales Increase online sales by offering various financing options
    • Increase-Sales Easily configure & control financing methods to suit your needs