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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is key to achieving the rankings you need to flourish online, and our specialist SEO services help you do just that.

With search engines processing billions of searches every day, businesses of all kinds are competing to establish online visibility. Developing the right SEO strategy will ensure your business stands out from the digital crowd, helping you capitalise on the many lucrative opportunities search engines provide.

Autify Digital offers an extensive track record driving clients’ online success. Our SEO agency supports clients in Nottingham and further afield, helping them to:

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Looking to make the most of online search? We’ve got you covered. Our digital expertise covers all aspects of SEO, including:

SEO for New Businesses

Are you a new company looking to connect with online customers? Our dedicated SEO service helps small businesses achieve digital success whilst making the most of precious resources.

Local SEO

If you’re a local business, your next loyal customer may be just around the corner. Local SEO is essential to growing your local presence, helping you turn online searchers into prospective buyers.

E-Commerce SEO

The world of e-commerce is bigger than ever before, and our agency is a leading specialist in e-commerce SEO. From improving website architecture to optimising product pages, we offer the expert support you’re looking for.

Our Process

SEO Audit

Step 1: SEO Audit

An effective SEO strategy is made up of several components, and no website is exactly the same. That’s why our process starts with a comprehensive audit of your SEO performance, helping to identify the best strategy for you.

We’ll paint a clear picture of optimisation opportunities, with potential obstacles ranging from missing metadata and broken links to site speed and duplicate content. But our SEO audit goes beyond analysing your website alone: we’ll also identify key competitors and leverage that data to drive your visibility online.

Step 2: Backlink Audit

Backlinks act as a vote of confidence between websites, with search engines assigning higher rankings to websites boasting a high number of quality links. Our detailed backlink audit helps make sense of your backlink profile, identifying lucrative linking opportunities and driving better performance in search results.

As part of our backlink audit, we’ll identify ways to improve the impact of existing links, secure new linking opportunities and combat toxic links that may hurt your ranking potential. The goal? To develop the backlink strategy you need to successfully climb search engine rankings.

Backlink Audit

Step 3: Content Audit

Quality content is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy. When done right, online content is far more than just words on a page: it can help answer a searcher’s query, present your services in the best possible way, acquire quality links, engage your audience and supercharge your organic visibility.

Our content audit will help uncover the steps that you can take to build a more successful content strategy. This includes evaluating content quality, pinpointing content gaps, measuring your content’s success in generating leads, improving on-page SEO and establishing priorities for future content creation.

Step 4: Implementing Findings

Once we have a detailed understanding of your current SEO performance, our experts get to work developing the strategy that’s right for your business. Our approach is both data-driven and results-oriented, helping to establish key priorities on the road to digital success.

From there, we’ll continue to monitor the impact of our SEO efforts to ensure you get the best possible value for money. As your online success continues to grow, we’ll also be on the lookout for new ways to improve performance even further, tailoring our support as you see fit.

Implementing Findings

Let’s Get to Work