Retail Finance Made Easy

V12 Magento integration helps make your sales process more flexible and customer-friendly than ever before. With just one simple installation, you'll be able to offer customers an array of financing options. The result? A powerful Magento platform that drives revenue and customer satisfaction simultaneously.

Retail finance offers a wealth of opportunities for those looking to offer their customers a convenient shopping experience. What’s more, it also helps businesses maximise the value of their sales by allowing customers to spread out payments over an extended period of time. Incorporated into your current workflow, it’s the e-commerce equivalent of a win-win.

Autify Digital is a leading specialist in the field of e-commerce integration. Our plugins are designed and developed with maximum efficiency in mind, meaning they’re built to last and easy to use. Backed by V12 Magento integration, you’ll be able to:

V12 Magento Integration

Why Us?

Integrate With Any Module, Platform or Functionality

Our team understands the ins and outs of e-commerce integration, and that’s what sets us apart from the competition. From the outset, we’ve worked with some of the industry’s most talented developers and integration specialists to change the way in which e-commerce businesses operate. We’ve witnessed first-hand how e-commerce integration can enhance the performance of any business in any sector, so our experts will help you integrate across every module, platform and functionality.

Want to integrate our V12 extension with a specific version of Magento or any other e-commerce solution? No problem. Looking to develop a custom module that combines functionalities you’ve seen in our other modules? We’ll make it happen. However complex the task may be, our experts are here to get it done.

Why Autify Digital

Find Multidisciplinary Digital Solutions

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was any successful online business. That’s why our in-house team offers professional support across all areas of digital marketing, from PPC services to SEO and from web design to web migration. We may be integration specialists, but we also recognise the power of multidisciplinary expertise.

In order for you to successfully conquer the online space, you’ll need to cover several bases at once. That means attracting customers to your website, engaging them throughout their visit, inspiring them to make a purchase and laying the technical groundwork necessary for them to do so smoothly. You may well be faced with a multitude of challenges throughout that journey, but we’re here to help you overcome each and every one of them.

Enjoy Limitless Access to an Integration Specialist

Our integration modules are engineered to deliver long-term value, but we still pride ourselves on delivering exceptional tech support. We understand that in the world of online commerce, new challenges can present themselves at any moment. For that reason, our clients enjoy limitless access to a dedicated specialist with extensive knowledge of all things integration.

When dealing with commercial challenges online, time is of the essence. If you choose to enlist our support, we’ll completely forgo generic answers and time-consuming distractions. Instead, we’ll take the initiative in getting to the heart of the problem, offering the tools you need to get back to business

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