Powerful SEO, Locally Delivered

Successful businesses go above and beyond to provide their customers with the very best service, and the likes of Google and Bing are no different. Search engines consider hundreds of factors in determining your website’s search visibility; our experts can help you excel in each and every one of them.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the foundation of online marketing success. Whatever a customer’s challenge or query may be, searching for the answers on Google is no longer just a matter of convenience – it’s second nature.

Autify Digital offers dedicated SEO services that help businesses secure the search visibility they need. Our specialists help companies just like yours to master SEO in Derby and the surrounding area, as well as supporting clients UK-wide. Whatever your size or sector, we can help you with:


We draw on extensive experience and sophisticated tools to execute the right strategy for you. Whichever SEO service you’re looking for, we’ll help your Derby-based business to:

Conquer the Local Marketplace

Online dominance starts with local exposure. Our specialists use their knowledge of SEO to expand your presence in the local marketplace.

Optimise for Long-Term Growth

We don’t cut corners. Our specialist SEO support is centred around a single mission: to help your business achieve long-term growth.

Leverage Data-Driven Insight

Effective business decisions are made with objective data in mind. We’ll offer the insight you need to plot the course ahead.

Why Choose Autify Digital?

Implementing Findings

First-Rate Expertise Across SEO

If you’re just starting out, SEO may seem like a vast and impenetrable discipline. Even if you have gained some experience in the area of optimisation, there are always new challenges to overcome. We know this, because we’ve been delivering professional SEO services for many years, and during that time, we like to think we’ve seen it all.

Keyword research. Google My Business optimisation. Link building. SEO auditing. Mobile optimisation. On-page SEO. Off-page SEO. Content marketing. Whatever it is you’re looking for, our agency delivers it. Beyond that, we’ll also advise you on which approach is best suited to your priorities. You won’t find any excess baggage here – just flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Measurable Results That Get You Noticed

Our experts can talk for hours about the ins and outs of SEO, but we never lose sight of the end goal: to deliver measurable results that drive your bottom line. From keyword research to SEO audits and from landing page optimisation to backlink strategy, every aspect of our service is value-driven.

The Autify Digital team uses your commercial goals as the starting point. From there, we track our progress towards attaining them at every opportunity. By designing our process in this way, you’ll be able to see and experience the impact of our SEO services for yourself. As your SEO performance continues to evolve, we’ll also have access to all the data we need to adapt your strategy accordingly.

E-Commerce SEO Services

All Eyes on E-Commerce SEO

No e-commerce business can survive without SEO. A search-optimised web store is the starting point from which to boost traffic levels, sell more products, improve user experience and much more. Autify Digital’s in-house specialists bring all of those advantages within reach.

SEO may be a key building block of digital success, but it isn’t the only area you’ll need to focus on. To really make the most of your online efforts, you’ll need to leverage SEO as part of something bigger. As one of the UK’s foremost e-commerce integration agencies, our dedicated team understands how SEO slots into your broader digital marketing strategy, preparing your business for across-the-board performance.