Drive E-Commerce Sales Through Organic Search

E-commerce sales continue to enjoy explosive growth in the modern marketplace, and we can help you leverage that growth through the power of search.

The world of e-commerce is bigger and better than ever before, and businesses of all kinds have ventured into the digital space in search of commercial opportunity. With countless customers finding their desired products through search engines, e-commerce businesses have much to gain from optimising their web stores accordingly.

Autify Digital specialises in helping e-commerce brands drive sales straight from the search results page. Our e-commerce SEO services optimise your web store for maximum impact, meaning you’ll be able to:

E-Commerce SEO Services

Our E-Commerce SEO Services

Category Page Optimisation

Structure is key, especially when you’re managing an e-commerce store with a large number of product pages. Optimising your category pages doesn’t just make it easier for users to find your products and make a purchase – it can also offer immense benefit to your SEO performance.

Category pages are likely to make up a significant portion of your online traffic, and we’ll help you boost those numbers even further. Whether we’re optimising information architecture, URL structure, page content, metadata, keyword targeting, conversions, user experience or anything in between, you’ll be better equipped to secure search engine leads.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the backbone of e-commerce SEO. It’ll help you understand which words searchers are using to find your products, helping you to target the phrases most relevant to your business. The stronger your keyword research is, the more likely you are to drive online sales.

Our detailed keyword research delivers an in-depth analysis of the most lucrative keywords relevant to your e-commerce business. Armed with that information, you’ll be able to focus SEO efforts on the areas that drive your bottom line. We’ll also offer crucial insights into your competitors’ search activities, helping you to stay ahead of the curve.

Keyword Research
Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are the place to showcase each of your products’ key selling points. Aside from offering users the information they need to make a purchasing decision, optimised product descriptions can also vastly improve your online visibility, conversions and user experience.

Our experts are on-hand to put product descriptions to work for you. Writing SEO-friendly copy, targeting the most relevant keywords and tackling duplicate content are just some of the ways in which we’ll drive the performance of your online store.

Product Schemas

Product schema is a form of structured data that helps your company display more product information in search results. It covers things like product prices, availability and user reviews – all of which can help your pages stand out from fierce online competition.

In order to apply product schema correctly, you’ll need to get technical. But don’t worry: our in-house specialists offer extensive experience implementing product schema for e-commerce purposes, boosting your products’ search appeal.

E-Commerce Content Strategy

E-Commerce Content Strategy

Strong content is the foundation for digital success, and the same rings true in the e-commerce space. Structuring your approach to content is essential to ensuring maximum return on investment, which is where content strategy comes in.

If you’re in need of support in developing the right content strategy to suit your SEO goals, our expert e-commerce SEO agency can help. We’ll help you develop, create, optimise and market content to deliver the results you’re looking for, supporting you every step of the way.